SLD306-WW-BZ 6.89″ Deck/Rail

General Details
Oak Landscape Lighting introduces 6.89″ Deck/Rail.

Dimensions L.6.89″ X D.0.75″ 4W.


Housing: Cast aluminum. Removable bar for a variety of uses.
Finish: BZ- Bronze.
Light Engine: Integrated LED, 0.5 watt 1 Single LED 28 lumens, 3000, and 4200 Kelvin, 120° beam spread, 8-18 volt AC operating voltage, 5W Halogen equivalent, -20°C to +60°C ambient temperature.
Wiring: Fixture is prewired with 10FT #18/2 Direct bury landscape lighting wire with UL listed, Pre-stripped hub-ready leads for quick installation, wire connector Sold separately. Gel filled wire nut part# AX-201 can be ordered from Oak Landscape Lighting.
Mounting: Stainless steel removable mounting bracket. Glare shielded, supplied with screws and anchor bolts.
Applications: Patios, gazebos, decks, benches, stairs, Retaining walls, and outdoors living spaces.
Dimensions: 3″ X ¾”
Warranty: 10 year Limited lifetime warranty, with a rated life of 50,000 hours
Electrical Notes: A remote 12V transformer required, may be ordered to Elram, Inc. separately. Voltage ranges for LED lamps are 9V-12V. Increase Voltage above 12VAC may reduce the life of LED dials.
Hardware: Stainless Steel Screws and mounting bracket design for anticorrosion.